Haiti Looms for Life was begun by Jamie Rauschenberger, an American missionary who was stationed in Haiti, with her husband, Brian. Recognizing the need to give women a “hand up” rather than a “hand out,” Jamie taught local women the art of hand twining rugs and sold the rugs at a guesthouse she and Brian ran. Women earned $20 per rug, which was helping them feed their families as well as keep their children in school. Unexpectedly, Jamie and Brian were required to exit Haiti, leaving the looms empty and the women without a steady income. Children’s World Impact has taken on putting these women back to work producing their beautiful rugs. Through native Haitian contacts, we were able to arrange for the rugs to be sold at a guesthouse in Bercy, Haiti. We are blessed to be working with these women and giving them hope and opportunity to once again earn an income.