About Us

Founded in 2006 by Tyson and Jenny Ray, Children’s World Impact is a 501(c)(3) organization that runs totally on the efforts of volunteers, whose desire is to make an impact for widows and orphans. Unlike most non-profits, all operating expenses for the organization are underwritten by the founders and board of directors.

Our promise to our donors is that every dollar given goes directly to the projects specified. Who we are as an organization is largely impacted by the passion and drive each board member brings to the organization.

Our Board of Directors
Tyson Jon Ray

Tyson Jon Ray


“I believe every human is hardwired to care for others. I know no greater satisfaction than improving the lives of widows and orphans. I desire everyone to know how it feels to be part of this impact we are making at CWI.”

Jenny Ray

Jenny Ray


“With every visit to Haiti I am reminded that it is easier to ignore the needs of children in poverty. Allowing yourself to be broken for children in a third world country means living with a heart divided. A part of your heart will remain with each child you hold and every orphan that looks to you for a glimpse of hope. It’s a humbling experience to be stripped of your comforts and bodly go where life is hard. But in those tought moments you experience a genuine, pure love.”

Additional Board Members:
Trish Edwards
Mariann Hunter
Mike Moser
Judy Moser
Kim Cochenour


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Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 53147


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