In 2020, CWI committed to building a home for a dear friend and Haitian pastor with whom the organization has had a longterm relationship. Yves Prophete is the Executive Director of Global Vision Citadelle Ministries in Haiti, an organization that supports 70 rural Haitian churches, educates over 7,000 children in 24 Christian schools throughout the country, and maintains All God’s Children Orphanage in Mirebalais, which provides a home for over 130 children. Throughout the years, CWI has financed the building of different structures for the orphanage, including a dorm for older boys and a cafeteria. In addition, CWI built the Amos building, a school just outside the orphanage walls.

Throughout the years, CWI has had many stays at the orphanage, while conducting medical missions. Other trips have been to love on thechildren from the orphanage. Throughout these visits, many have gotten to know Pastor Yves and witnessed his love and dedication to the people of rural Haiti. While it’s always been his dream for he and his wife, Samathe, to have a home together, it seems that the needs of others always rose to the top of the priority list.

Arial view toward beginning of construction

Construction began in late 2020, and despite rising costs, border closings due to COVID, the assassination of the Haitian president on July 7, and a major earthquake that hit the country in August, the building has continued to take shape. While this will be a family home for Yves and Samathe and their two sons when they come to visit, it will also serve as a place for ministry teams to stay when they come to serve the people of Haiti. We look forward to the day that the keys can be turned over to Yves and Samathe. Being able to provide a home for people who have given so much is truly a blessing.

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