Established in 2006, Children’s World Impact has sought to make an impact on the lives of widows and orphans as well as marginalized people throughout local communities and the world. Our impact started out small and targeted. Throughout the over 18 years the organization has been in existence, the impact has expanded and spread to reach tens of thousands of individuals in communities throughout the Walworth County area in southern Wisconsin, as well as throughout the countries of Haiti, Ecuador, Mexico, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda.

To meet our mission of “Caring for widows and orphans in their distress and making a significant impact on the lives of the neglected,” we center on the 6 categories below. We encourage you to use the links below to become more fully informed of what we’ve done in the past and continue to work on as the organization seeks to fulfill this mission.


Millions of children around the world can’t attend school due to the lack of educational facilities. Children’s World Impact has financed the construction of three schools and we continue to seek opportunities to expand educational opportunities and facilities for children.

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Income Opportunities

Without employment, women are unable to support themselves, let alone their dependent children. Our widows’ project in Ghana, Africa, has given women employment opportunites for the past 10+ years. We’re also developing new opportunities in the area of poultry in both Kenya and Uganda.

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Lack of access to basic health care is an issue for much of the developing world. While sending medical teams to Haiti has been a strong emphasis in our history, we also seek opportunities to improve and construct medical facilities that serve the needs of local people.

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Billions of people worldwide are food insecure and have no access to clean drinking water. Millions die annually from water bourne illnesses. Children’s World Impact has an annual food packing event that sends meals around the world. We are also continually looking for ways to get involved in projects that provide clean drinking water.

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Financial Opportunities

It’s estimated that there are 1.4 billion “unbanked” adults in the world, and 55% of these people are women. Children’s World Impact has developed a highly successful micro loan program in Ghana, Africa that is giving many women the opportunity to financial independence for the first time.

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Globally, 2.8 billion people experience some form of housing inadequacy. For some this means lack of proper sanitation facilities, for others lack of clean water in their home. Many simply don’t have a proper shelter that protects them from the elements and keeps them safe. At Children’s World Impact, we look to change this one family at a time.

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