At Children’s World Impact we’ve always believed in the power of education to transform lives. We are convinced that it is one of the strongest ways to break the cycle of poverty.

School Construction

Amos Building

The Amos Building school is the first of three schools whose construction was financed by Children’s World Impact. Located in Mirebalais, Haiti, outside the walls of All God’s Children Orphanage, it educates children from the orphanage as well as those from the surrounding area. The school has seen many additions throughout the years as demand and the number of students has increased.

Preschool in Ghana

Construction was completed in 2016 for the preschool that is adjacent to the project that supports widows in the Upper West Region of Ghana, Africa. Since it’s opening, the site has welcomed a new group of early learners each year. Early childhood education is very rare in remote areas of Ghana, so we are thrilled to give the children of this area the opportunity to get a head start on their educational journey.

School in Desarmes, Haiti

In connection with another non-profit organization from Wisconsin, Schools4Haiti, this school building was completed in 2017. The building is located in Desarmes, Haiti, about 30 miles from the capital, Port-au-Prince. This school educates 250 students in 8 classrooms, 4 classrooms in each of two different wings of the school. Many of these students live in dorms on the premises, but others come from nearby locations.

Students Need Schools

According to UNESCO, there are 236 million children out of school. This includes 61 million children of primary school age (5 to 11).


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