Income Opportunities

Providing individuals an opportunity to earn an income is a critical part of our mission at Children’s World Impact.  Giving people the ability to use their skills to provide for themselves and their familes instills self-worth and pride.

Shea Butter

Shea butter production has long been a staple income producing activity at the widows’ project in the village of Ullo, in Ghana, Africa. This project has been supported by Children’s World Impact since 2013. With the installation of mechanized equipment, the labor intensive process of producing shea butter is greatly decreased in time and energy. In addition to shea butter, women who are part of the co-op are able to bake bread, grind grains, sell potable, bagged water, and grow crops on individual plots of land-all avenues for producing income.


In parntership with Every Life, Inc., Children’s World Impact is providing individuals the opportunity to begin their own poultry business in Kenya. Every Life has worked in the Malindi area for 20 years and we are excited to be financing this project, which allows deserving individuals the ability to receive the necessary funds, part of which is a loan that will be paid back, to start their own small scale poultry business. These individuals receive training and hands on experience from an animal specialist. The chickens that are raised are sold to local residents for food and eggs.


Many of the widows who are part of the co-op project in the village of Ullo gain an income from farming. The small loan program developed by Children’s World Impact has allowed dozens of women to create their own small business of growing crops, which they can take to local markets and sell. There are plots of land that are available to these women, which has close access to water, thus allowing them to grow crops during the dry season. The video below shows one such woman who is accessing the land and the available water.

Uganda Pride Poultry Farm

In 2022 our impact extended to the country of Uganda, Africa. We committed to the development of a large scale poultry farm, which will raise chicks to maturity for both poultry meat and egg production. This project involves the purchase of a two acre plot of land, registering and deeding of the land, the construction of two chicken houses, each of which will hold 500 chickens, and training for those involved in the project.

The chicken coops have been completed, as pictured in the photo, and once a well is dug training can take place, followed by the purchasing of the chicks. We anticipate that the project will be fully implemented by mid 2024. This project will provide employment for many in the area, and has tremendous potential to transform the community in which it is located.


Proverbial Saying

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a many to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.


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