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Breaking theCycle of Poverty

Caring for orphans and widows
in their distress and making a significant
impact on the lives of the neglected.

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Our Mission

Caring for orphans and widows in their distress and making a significant impact on the lives of the neglected.

Our Story

 Children’s World Impact was started in 2006 by Tyson and Jenny Ray. Originally an independent family foundation, the Rays decided to make the organization a public 501(c)(3) after visiting the country of Haiti shorty after the devastating earthquake that hit that country in January of 2010. The need was evident, and the Rays decided to open the foundation to the public in order to increase the possible impact.

Originally working mainly with orphans, the foundation extended its reach to worldwide widows in 2011. That is the year work began on a project in Ghana, Africa, which was designed to give widows in that country self-supporting income opportunities. Developed and financed over the course of 3 years, this project is now thriving and self-sustaining, supporting women in seven local villages in the Upper West region of Ghana.

In addition to the continued work in Haiti and Ghana, Children’s World Impact has also done work in Ecuador, South America and Kenya, Africa. Always with an eye on the mission of the organization, Children’s World Impact seeks to “break the cycle of poverty” through care and community development to benefit widows and orphans and impact the lives of the neglected. Over the years, the impact has included supplying food, clothing, shelter, and medical attention, as well as building homes and schools. The organization has also worked to install water purification systems in an effort to supply safe drinking water and create long-term, income opportunities.

For details on specific projects, please check out the Yearly Impact page of the website.



4,500 Volunteers

10 Food Packing Events

Initiated Safe Families for Children in Southern Wisconsin


1,700,000 meals distributed worldwide

23 projects completed

Over 12,000 individuals impacted


Children’s World Impact seeks to break the cycle of poverty through care and community development aimed specifically at orphans and widows worldwide.


Children’s World Impact operates with all of its administrative expenses underwritten. This assures donors that 100% of their giving goes directly to the projects specified.

This is our promise to you!


CWI strives to have a “glocal” impact, working both locally and globally. Our local food events have provided food for more than 20 local food pantries. International care projects for women and children include providing food, clothing, shelter, education, and income opportunities. Community development projects include building schools, housing, water purification systems and medical facilities.


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